Editing Services

Finding the right fiction editor to critique/edit your work is your best bet to land a traditional publishing contract or to become a highly successful indie author. The business of publishing is a confusing and difficult maze and I can be your guide in that process. I cannot guarantee your success, but after working with me, you will be closer to your publishing goals.

I have ten years of acquisitions and development editing under my belt. My authors have received numerous award wins, nominations, and starred reviews. Before entering the publishing field, I owned and operated a mystery bookstore for five years and worked in other bookstores for another eight years. During that time I actively studied what was selling and why. It’s that expertise that I bring to the table. I work collaboratively with authors to refine your voice and create a viable, commercial fiction.

My editing background is in crime fiction – mystery, thriller, and suspense, though I am comfortable with most works of fiction. To see if we are a fit, I will read the first 50 pages of your manuscript and give you a ten page edit. After that sample edit, if we like each other’s work, we can discuss payment and the timeframe in which I can complete an edit for you.

Disclaimer: if I freelance edit your manuscript, you cannot submit it to me to acquire.


Developmental Edit

In a developmental edit, I will point out problems with the plot, pace, character motivation and give you guidance how to beef up or cut the fat. I look for word choice, repeated phrases, and sentence structure. I work electronically, and will make track changes and comments in the document as well as an overview letter explaining what we need to work on and what is working well. For developmental edits, I charge $5 per page. That price includes the initial read, plus a reread after you made revisions. While I don’t do a deep line edit, I will point out grammatical issues along the way.

Manuscript evaluation

Less detailed than the developmental edit – consider it a developmental lite. I only look for major structural and content issues. This is a flat $750 fee.

Writing coach

The writing coach program starts at $300 per month. You will have access one to two hours of coaching each week. Coaching includes reading and critiquing up to 2,000 words each week and email support. I will encourage and support your writing while helping you to refine your manuscript and your craft. I require a two month minimum commitment. Because of the time commitment on my behalf, I need to limit the number of coaching clients.


This is your last opportunity to make your manuscript shine before you send it out to the world – to agents, publishers, or for self publishing. I give your manuscript a final polish, looking for anything that may have slipped through the editing phase. This is standard in all traditional publishing, and will give you confidence that your manuscript is clean. The proofreading rate is $1.00 per page, standard formatting.